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Game publishing

Mellongames business model involves the issue of support and publishing of computer games. The primary objective of the company is to provide the tools and competencies that enable or facilitate the release of games, initially on the Polish market, and ultimately also on the European and global levels.

As a computer games publisher, Mellongames is responsible for creation, marketing (including market research) and all aspects of advertising the finished product.

Mellongames in its own limits provides so called, localisation of the game. This process is an extremely complex task. Localization is the process by which a video game is adapted to the needs and requirements of the environment. In other words, it is the language translation and adaptation of software to certain cultural norms and standards. This is the fastest way to increase the effectiveness of both the person who is using the software, as well as the program itself. For this purpose, Mellongames employs experienced people who were already involved in the localisation process before. Mellongames also deals with distribution, promotion and advertising of the game titles. Publisher provides us with, so called. community manager, whose job is to care for the player’s community.

Our business model are micropayments, users can sign up to a premium account and purchase additional virtual items to help in game play.

Our titles

Moja Mafia - December - 2010

Meow Talk - IV quarter 2012

Dragons Call - IV quarter 2012

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