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The largest Game Advertising Network in Poland

Ad4MMO - Ad Network

Mellongames company owns an advertising network - Ad4MMO. It eliminates the costs of promoting our own titles and also makes money by issuing advertisements commissioned by local and foreign publishers. Mellongames provides access to a reporting tool created for contractors and publishers (web sites). The advertising network is a tool developed for easy and effective promotion of games on the Polish and ultimately foreign market. Our network model is focused on settling the CPA (Cost Per Action) and CPP (Cost Per Player), where the company charges a fee for each player registration who signs up through the service.

The advertising network is the perfect solution for Mellongames, because it reduces the cost of promoting "our" titles, and also makes profit by promoting products from other producers and publishers.

Until now the company promoted over 70 online game titles and worked in close cooperation with brands such as:

Bigpoint GmbH, GameForge GmbH, Aeria Games Europe GmbH, Gala Network Europe, Travian GmbH, Upjers GmbH, Playa Games GmbH, InnoGames GmbH, Frogster Online Gaming GmbH, Burda:ic GmbH i inne.

Ad4MMO is currently the largest advertising network dedicated to games in Poland. Management is planning to expand to other western and eastern European countries, using the employees knowledge and years of experience in online advertising. The company is also planning to systematically gain new publishers in the field of entertainment and introduce new advertising formats.

Ad4MMO in numbers:

More than 2 million gained players

More than 200 Active publishers

More than 30 active campaigns

More than 100 promoted games

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