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Advergames, that is the games advertising, is the use of games to promote the product, brand, organization or point of view of the customer. The essence of advergaming is to reach a wide audience by providing them with entertainment. Advergames term was first used in January 2000 by Anthony Giallourakis'a (creator of service), although the same concept was used by marketers at least since the eighties. The first professional game advertising was introduced at the same time as the outbreak of the 8-bit computers. The companies which used the following concept include McDonald's, Coca Cola, Ford, Pepsi, Domino's Pizza, Nesquik or Chupa Chups.

Mellongames offers a complex range of services in creating games and applications for the needs of our customers:

  • Create scenarios / offers describing proposed approach for the product,
  • Preparation of projects/diagrams showing the proposed approach,
  • Target group verification (statistics, helping to find a suitable place to publish the game),
  • Proven team of programmers and graphic designers (over three years to verify the developer),
  • Technical support and complex competition service. The results verification, mechanisms protecting databases,
  • Hosting,
  • Help in building coverage - network for Ad4MMO players.

The expansion of our services through the advergames enabled us to implement the projects involving the creation of dedicated casual games for the major entertainment and social networking sites.

Advantages of advertising in games:

1.     First Non-invasive form of advertising

In game advertising, does not interrupt the game play, it is an element that gives it realism and allows for prolonged contact with the brand. It can be included in different places:

  • Game loader
  • Game Menu
  • Scoreboard
  • irectly in the game / between levels

2.     Service products attractiveness

Many brands use advertising games to open up towards their consumers. The variety of companies that have opted for this form of advertising is very high: food products, clothing, electronics and household appliances, as well as banking, recruitment companies and politicians. Games in many cases are also used because of the significant increase in the time spent by users on the product page.

3.     A great tool to obtain the address database

The use of in game ranking requires a player to register. This makes it an effective tool to collect data from users, such as email address, age, gender, first name / nickname.

It is important that the form should not be too long or complicated - you have to be careful not to discourage the player. Storing names / nicknames and retrieving e-mail addresses, while giving consent to the processing of data means that the company has a database of potential customers that they can contact (according to the privacy policy section).

4.     The possibility of organising competitions

It is possible to organize competitions based on the games using the product pages, dedicated mini sites and social networking sites. Competition between the players results in them being more involved and coming back to the product site. We can also reach out to a particular target group by an appropriate selection of available prizes.

5.     Engaging form of advertising

Compared to other forms of advertising, games cause the interaction with the customers. They engage them to perform specific tasks for which they are awarded points. The high level of player's attention during the game play, can be compared to the level of driver focusing on the road. This allows the user to quickly and efficiently memorise the advertising that appears in the game without him noticing.

We made a games for such a brands like:

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