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Moja Mafia

Moja Mafia – creator of your own mafia games, embedded in the browser.


Each user has the possibility to make their own games, over which they have complete control as an administrator. They can also invite other users to play their game, change the layouts and options of the game, manage players, advertise and much more.

What is new, is the ability to earn real money while playing the game! Any user in Moja Mafia, can buy credits to spend on bonuses, and the owners get an incentive based on the amount the users spend in their game. There's is a full range of services available to the users designed to create an original game. is a text game and an internet browser is required to play it. So far, there were 180,000 player registrations, who created 30,000 scenarios.

MojaMafia in numbers

33 thousand different scenarios

195 thousand players

More than 5000 active players per day

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